Jeremy Harrington, Chief

Chuck Ptacek, 1st Assistant Chief

David Getty, 2nd Assistant Chief, President

Floyd Pratt, Captain, Vice President, Past Chief

Adin Jacobs-Johnson, Captain, Secretary

George Flint, Captain, Past Chief

Paul Sokol, Captain

Ed Harrington, Treasurer


Joe Holmes, EMT Captain, Training Officer

Melissa Elwell-Holmes


Dennis Blockburger

Mike Cintron

Jenna Getty

Lauren Getty

Robert Getty

Alyce Harrington

Todd Koch

Jordan Matteson

Phill Mitchell

Crystal Paul

Jason Wells


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Ralph Getty In Memoriam


60 Years of Service
60 Years of Service

Ralph and Nelson Green
Ralph and Nelson Green

Ralph and Jean
Ralph and Jean

60 Years of Service
60 Years of Service


Membership for the Hebron Volunteer Fire Company is 20 strong. We have 11 class A interior firefighters, 6 scene support members and 8 more class D members. But we need more members! Come by either Fire House ANY Tuesday evening @ 7pm to talk to the firefighters.